Billboard and flyers

Hi Kids.. I got my billboard for my book signing tour today.. It really looks nifty (That’s what us old folks used before “cool” became cool).. I also got the masters for my promotion flyers for the book launch here in Dayton (and elsewhere)..  I’ve been a busy old guy.. Remember its 5 months until […]

Hey all novel #9 Done

Hi y ‘all.. I finished my western, The Dancing Gunfighter.. Great action and a very sexy love scene.. (I love writing those-from memory of course) Literary agents come one come all (so to speak).. Mikey  (PS. I think my pen name for the western will be Lee Michaels)

Just a thought

I haven’t taken any depression pills in several weeks.. It’s because I’m back to writing.. Next project; go back to the 5th manuscript in my Spaghetti & Rice series, The Cyclist.. I had gotten 40 pages into it and hit a brick wall.. I then turned to the unfinished western of 3 years ago (120 […]