Hey zillion bloggers..

I just connected with an old (and I do mean old) friend from way back in the days.. Morrie Sawyer sounds just like he did 45-50 years ago.. It was great talking to him.. It’ll be good to catch up when I get to Denver.. Don’t forget my book signing/jazz trio tour starts either the […]

Christmas party

I played for a Christmas party last night.. I had to haul my piano and speakers..The first time I’ve had to do that in 3 years.. I’M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS!! Great restaurant in West Chester, a big bucks community with  Boner (uh Boehner) as their U.S. Representative, of course.. Okay, no politics.. I […]

A Sad Couple of Days

We had to put our Rag Doll, furry kitty, Spatz, down Tuesday.. She was 15 years old and just ran out of steam.. She was the oldest of the 3 cats.. (Sox, 6, and Samm-e, 2.. (She’s our brat terrorist) We miss Spatzie.. She was such a sweetheart and so nice to cuddle because she […]

Up Next.. Christmas

Beth loves Christmas.. She puts up all kinds of Christmas things in the house; a little snowy town, Frosty the snowman and reindeer and Santa pillows on the couch, Christmassy neon signs in the front windows, candles, on and on, ad nauseum.. I love to watch the look on her face when she is setting […]