Up Next.. Christmas

Beth loves Christmas.. She puts up all kinds of Christmas things in the house; a little snowy town, Frosty the snowman and reindeer and Santa pillows on the couch, Christmassy neon signs in the front windows, candles, on and on, ad nauseum..

I love to watch the look on her face when she is setting everything up.. That’s my Christmas present.. along with the publishing of ‘Jack of Harts’  and having something you’ve created accepted, and taken to John Q Public is the best medicine for depression I can think of.. Our terrorist cat, Samm-e keeps trying to tear down the Christmas tree.. She is such a brat! Her sister and sometimes partner, Sox, isn’t quite as obnoxious as Samm-e, but does her share of damage EVERY night!! Christmas balls on the floor around the tree and batted across the living room every morning.. If they don’t watch out, they won’t get their catnip Christmas presents this year..

2014 will be, I hope, exciting, exhausting, busy as hell, and profitable..

Once, and if,  Jack sells well, I’d like to see my other 7 novels and short story collection walk through the door.. One a year would work just fine..

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!


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