Christmas party

I played for a Christmas party last night.. I had to haul my piano and speakers..The first time I’ve had to do that in 3 years.. I’M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS!! Great restaurant in West Chester, a big bucks community with  Boner (uh Boehner) as their U.S. Representative, of course.. Okay, no politics.. I took a U.S. government class in college and on the first day, the professor said, “In our government, there are two political parties.. The Democratic and the name of the other one has slipped my mind at this time”.. Anywho, the gig paid good and I got a $50 tip as well.. Whee!!.. Please oh please make my novel a best seller!! Beth is making her traditional Christmas fish chowder again this year, even though she has to work both Christmas eve and night.. YUM!! It is amazing!!.. Lucky tummy.. Later kids.


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