New Family member

Hey Folks.. We have a new critter in the house.. She looks like she is part Jack Terrier and part Dachshund.. The young man (age 20) from across the street, Mike, who mows our lawn in summer, shovels our walks in winter and helps carry heavy things in from the car, was driving home from […]

My Favorite Bertrand Russell Quote

Each human being has a richly worked edifice of experience, exaltation, despair, fear, and courage in his or her soul. The exciting, tragic, revealing moments of a lifetime is woven into a structure that is what sustains us all with its strength, its promise, its dreams, it’s very interiorness. The most important experience of all is of loving and […]

Reviews for Author/Musician Michael Eldridge’s Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery

Complete Review Quotes “One of the most creative writers I’ve run across in years . . .” “In Mike Eldridge, I really feel that I’ve discovered a talent deserving of publisher consideration. He’s refreshingly receptive to editorial suggestions. More important, he has a fertile imagination. His ‘Spaghetti & Rice’ series concept is pure genius. I […]