Rewritten Bio Update Regurgitate Etc. Etc Adnauseum

I am an up-and-coming new writer. At 71 years-old, I have made a successful living as a musician/entertainer for the last 52 years. 

I was born in Dayton OH., but grew up in Denver CO. I graduated from South High School in 1960, with another year at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. I immediately started playing music in night clubs. My dog, Freckles, was my constant companion from age 7 to 19, when I left home to become a big name recording star.  Obviously, I never became a star, but my music has taken me to 66 countries, including Canada, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Scandinavia, Europe, South and Central America, Mexico, all of the Caribbean Islands, and 49 states. I have met literally thousands of people in my travels, working in hotels, night clubs, resorts, and on major cruise lines in the U.S. And now, I want to be a novelist when I grow up.

I currently have 4 novels and a short story collection available on amazon/kindle, (as well as my website, including my self-published first novel, ‘Mustang Blue’ (A murder mystery with a supernatural twist.) You can still get a signed hard copy of Mustang Blue by going to my website and ordering it.. I published it in 2003 and sold 220 copies across the piano. (Enough to pay for the printing, 250 copies, and to go out to dinner at Red Lobster a couple of times.)

I’ve been writing short stories, off-and-on since my high school creative writing class in Denver, CO. I would have them running around in my head for months, until I finally had to spew them onto paper. Because I had told several people my idea for the Mustang Blue story, they all said “You have to write that.” I was working on a horrible cruise ship job (Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing) and to fight the depression of the job, my terrible cabin, and the  (how do I put this? complete a—–e officers. There, I guess that will do) I finally started writing what became my 1st self-published novel. Since then, I have written a total of eight more novels, including four in the Spaghetti & Rice Investigations series; the first of which is ‘Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery.’ I just finished working on my 9th novel, a Western set in 1869-70 in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

My short story collection, ‘Romance and Other Strangeness’ is also on amazon/kindle.

At this point I must thank my friend and mentor, author Donald Bain, for his constant belief in my talent and encouraging me to keep writing and trying to get published.

I also have six CD’s for sale and/or download on Give them a listen.

I now reside in Miamisburg, OH, with my wife, Bethany, a nurse, (and prospective writer) two cats, Sox and Samm-e and a collie dog, Soda. My daughter, Amy, works in movie and TV production in New Mexico. I still play various piano, and trio jobs in the Dayton/Cincinnati area, and currently just finished work on a western novel set in 1870 in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. 


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