Reviews for Author/Musician Michael Eldridge’s Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery

Complete Review Quotes

“One of the most creative writers I’ve run across in years . . .” “In Mike Eldridge, I really feel that I’ve discovered a talent deserving of publisher consideration. He’s refreshingly receptive to editorial suggestions. More important, he has a fertile imagination. His ‘Spaghetti & Rice’ series concept is pure genius. I wish I’d thought of it.”

Donald Bain; author of the Jessica Fletcher Murder She Wrote novels, among the 100 he has published.

Michael Eldridge’s debut novel in his Spaghetti and Rice Mystery series, Jack of Harts, is a front-runner right out of the gate. Strong characterization, and suspenseful plot twists combine to deliver a most satisfying reader experience. Former Chinese prostitute turned private investigator Ming Li Chow teams up with retired homicide detective Frank Borelli to do battle with the local Colombian drug cartel. Add kidnapping, money laundering, and the friendship of two 11 year old boys to the narrative, and you have a real page-turner. I look forward to the second novel in this series with much anticipation.

Linda Ginter-Brown, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Cincinnati

If illegal drug dealing, money laundering, two dead cops, and a missing woman grab your interest, then this is the crime novel for you. From the opening shots to the explosive ending, you will follow the exploits of Jean Hart, her son, Jack, and his friend, Tommy Chow, as well as Private Investigators, Ming Li Chow and Frank Borelli, and a slew of nefarious characters out to do no good to the preceding good guys. Eldridge is a master of description and you really believe that you are within each building and each room where the action unfolds. You feel for the positive characters that Eldridge has created and you hold your breath as each twist and turn develops, often with unexpected results and consequences. Oh, what is Spaghetti and Rice?—an exotic heretofore unknown dish? That’s a mystery revealed when you read this book! We hope that this novel is the first in a continuing series of “tasty” crime solving capers.

 Former Chair and Retired Professor, Ned Shearer, M.S., Ph.D. Retired Faculty Associate Sandy Shearer, M.A. Department of Communication, both at Western Illinois University

 “Michael has transitioned well from being a talented life-long musician to a future of writing. He is a gifted storyteller, who could present his own spirited writings on audio. His creative talent also appears in his short stories, poetry and his first self-published novel, Mustang Blue, as a prelude. I have personally witnessed his progress in building his repertoire to a lively, meaningful pitch, and look forward to impending creative works. He could be an important author. . .”                                                                       

Jan Beedle; Writer/Columnist/Instructor/Historian/Proof Reader/Friend


Retired Italian homicide Lieutenant, Frank Borelli has started a private investigation firm with his friend, Chinese call girl madam, Ming Li Chow. Frank has a wacky Italian family and Ming Li has an 11-year-old son, Tommy, who is the off-spring of the head of the Chinese mafia in Boston MA.

Story line; In this case, Tommy’s best friend, Jack Hart and Jack’s mother have become entangled in a battle with a local Colombian drug lord. Frank and Ming Li are called in to help. A particularly ingenious assault on the drug cartel’s compound and more explosive mayhem ensue.


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