My Favorite Bertrand Russell Quote

Each human being has a richly worked edifice of experience, exaltation, despair, fear, and courage in his or her soul. The exciting, tragic, revealing moments of a lifetime is woven into a structure that is what sustains us all with its strength, its promise, its dreams, it’s very interiorness. The most important experience of all is of loving and being loved.

The great tragedy is when we die, those chapels inside each of us dies also, unless we can somehow put them outside us as well. That is the meaning of art, of great sacrifice, of magnificent business accomplishments: to place some of these ethereal insides, (dreams, if you will) outside in concrete, newsprint,, or canvas, or celluloid, or tape, records, or in just one other person’s memory.

Bertrand Russell was one of the most eloquent men to have walked this earth.

I am, at age 71, still human and I have words to write, music and songs to compose, hearts and minds to touch

Please be a receiver of all I have to give,

Michael Eldridge


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