A bit of a Trip

Hi Kids.. This February 25th I am going to Atlanta, GA. to my friend David’s house. Then he and I are going to Memphis, TN. (David’s son lives in Memphis) for a jazz concert at the Georgetown Performing Arts Center by pianist, Gene Rush. I’ve known Gene (who now lives in the Minneapolis area) since the early 70’s. when he was head of the jazz department at University of Denver. He left there in 1978 to take the position of the head of the jazz department at U. of Memphis for 11 years (I think). Gene is now 78 years old and still going strong. He is one of the great unsung jazz pianists. I have set book signing/entertainment events in both Atlanta and Memphis for August; 3 months after the debut of my novel, Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery. Sooo, I’ll be stopping by the two retirement communities where I will have the signings, while I am in those cities. If you live near Memphis and like jazz, try to attend Gene’s concert. Mikey


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