Hey zillion bloggers..

I just connected with an old (and I do mean old) friend from way back in the days.. Morrie Sawyer sounds just like he did 45-50 years ago.. It was great talking to him.. It’ll be good to catch up when I get to Denver.. Don’t forget my book signing/jazz trio tour starts either the  the 5th of June in Albuquerque, NM. and the 7th of June in Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix date is set at The Stratford Retirement Community in Phoenix from 2 pm. to 5 pm. It will be a book signing/jazz trio event. The public is invited. The event in Denver is set for June 22nd at The Fireside Used Book & Coffee House on West Hampden Ave. Be cool and be there Colorado folks.. Thanx.. Mikey


3 Days to Christmas & 4 Months to book launch

Hey there blog world… or whomsoever might stumble across this.. Have a Merry and a Happy.. My book signing tour next summer is turning into a humongous project..  Up to a possible 18 cities plus the launch in Dayton, OH. with jazz trio concerts in possibly 8 of the cities.. I’m now at work on manuscript # 5 in the Spaghetti & Rice series.. having a novel actually published has really opened the creative juices again.. Please tell friends about the blog.. Also, in the older contributions, I have a quote from Bertrand Russell that is really eloquent.. You must read it.. Mikey

Christmas party

I played for a Christmas party last night.. I had to haul my piano and speakers..The first time I’ve had to do that in 3 years.. I’M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS!! Great restaurant in West Chester, a big bucks community with  Boner (uh Boehner) as their U.S. Representative, of course.. Okay, no politics.. I took a U.S. government class in college and on the first day, the professor said, “In our government, there are two political parties.. The Democratic and the name of the other one has slipped my mind at this time”.. Anywho, the gig paid good and I got a $50 tip as well.. Whee!!.. Please oh please make my novel a best seller!! Beth is making her traditional Christmas fish chowder again this year, even though she has to work both Christmas eve and night.. YUM!! It is amazing!!.. Lucky tummy.. Later kids.

A Sad Couple of Days

We had to put our Rag Doll, furry kitty, Spatz, down Tuesday.. She was 15 years old and just ran out of steam.. She was the oldest of the 3 cats.. (Sox, 6, and Samm-e, 2.. (She’s our brat terrorist) We miss Spatzie.. She was such a sweetheart and so nice to cuddle because she was sooo furry.. She’d lay on my chest while I watched TV.. and she was sooo warm!.. Everything must change, but these are the hard ones.. Mikey (I might get Beth another kitty for Christmas)

Up Next.. Christmas

Beth loves Christmas.. She puts up all kinds of Christmas things in the house; a little snowy town, Frosty the snowman and reindeer and Santa pillows on the couch, Christmassy neon signs in the front windows, candles, on and on, ad nauseum..

I love to watch the look on her face when she is setting everything up.. That’s my Christmas present.. along with the publishing of ‘Jack of Harts’  and having something you’ve created accepted, and taken to John Q Public is the best medicine for depression I can think of.. Our terrorist cat, Samm-e keeps trying to tear down the Christmas tree.. She is such a brat! Her sister and sometimes partner, Sox, isn’t quite as obnoxious as Samm-e, but does her share of damage EVERY night!! Christmas balls on the floor around the tree and batted across the living room every morning.. If they don’t watch out, they won’t get their catnip Christmas presents this year..

2014 will be, I hope, exciting, exhausting, busy as hell, and profitable..

Once, and if,  Jack sells well, I’d like to see my other 7 novels and short story collection walk through the door.. One a year would work just fine..

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

Billboard and flyers

Hi Kids.. I got my billboard for my book signing tour today.. It really looks nifty (That’s what us old folks used before “cool” became cool).. I also got the masters for my promotion flyers for the book launch here in Dayton (and elsewhere)..  I’ve been a busy old guy.. Remember its 5 months until the book launch in May.. Mikey

Hey all novel #9 Done

Hi y ‘all.. I finished my western, The Dancing Gunfighter.. Great action and a very sexy love scene.. (I love writing those-from memory of course) Literary agents come one come all (so to speak).. Mikey  (PS. I think my pen name for the western will be Lee Michaels)

Just a thought

I haven’t taken any depression pills in several weeks.. It’s because I’m back to writing.. Next project; go back to the 5th manuscript in my Spaghetti & Rice series, The Cyclist.. I had gotten 40 pages into it and hit a brick wall.. I then turned to the unfinished western of 3 years ago (120 pages) and here it is almost done.The research alone on this one was really fun..  Nothing like completing a creative endeavor to boost your ‘Oh Boy’ quotient.. Mikey